Summing up a Value From a Detail to Display a Total in Creatio (formerly bpm’online)

When you have a detail that has some value that you want to total and display on the main page it’s pretty easy to do. This article will show you the steps. In the scenario for this article I have a detail called tickets that has a dollar amount, and I want to display a total of the tickets on the main page whenever a new ticket is added or edited.

These are the steps to set this up:

First thing you’d want to do is create your detail with the ticket cost on it then open the section wizard and create a total cost field on the main page, you’ll need a field on the page where we’ll store this total. Then once you have those done you will want to create a process. Here is the process down below.

The process will start with 2 signal starts that will activate when the tickets are either added or updated. Then it will read the ticket and get the total cost by summing up all the ticket costs (I will show how I did the sum later on) then you update the total cost by replacing it with whatever you got from summing up the ticket cost up. The last script task is to tell the page to refresh (for the details on that refer to my article How to Refresh a Page from a Process in Creatio). This is how I summed up the total of the ticket cost – you’ll add a normal Read element but change it to “Calculate function” and select “Sum” as the function.

Be sure to also add the code on the page to receive the refresh message from the process(refer to the article I linked above for the code). Now every time the user edits or adds to the ticket cost the total will get updated the the new total cost.

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  1. Hello Tate,

    If we want to add deleted record signal to the process and calculate the total without record deleted. How can I do this Please?

    Many Thanks.

  2. Thank you Ryan, the article is very helpful.


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