When a user opens multiple forms at one time, is this out of the Box SalesLogix functionality??


We are running SLX 6.2.6, and I have noticed that users can have multiple instances of the same form open simultaneously. For instance, users can have multiple instances of the Account main form open at the same time. Is SLX meant to work this way? I am questioning this because I would think SLX would check for an existing instance of a form prior to opening a new one. With how it is working now, there is unnecessary amounts of memory consumed by SLX. For example, we are running terminal services on a Windows 2003 host, and at times one instance of SLX will consume up to 1GB of physical memory. Any thoughts/tips would be appreciated.
Our system has been very customized in the past, I am wonder if this is out of the box functionality??


This is the way that SAGE built SalesLogix. This feature enables users to multi-task. If you would like something different, you would have to customize SalesLogix.

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