Why Do I Get a White Box With a Red X in My SalesLogix Templates?

A problem has been discovered with mail merges. I don’t know how long it has been going on, but I know merges from Feb. worked normally. When someone uses a mail merge template that has a graphic like a logo or image, the preview looks fine but the actual email received has a white box with a little red x for the logo. When I tell SLX to let me edit individual emails while merging, all of the previews show the image correctly. Additionally, the AppDataRoamingSLX… folder shows the merge and includes the correct image AND the html file that has the logo. If SLX is creating the html with the logo, why is the email showing blank images?

What version are you on? This issue is fixed in 7.5 SP2 but you do have to make changes –

Step 1.

Add the following registry key:


Step 2.
Start the Saleslogix-Client until the login screen appears. Several registry keys will be added. With regedit you can see where these paths are pointing to. Adjust all keys that start with MailMerge to a drive letter path.  Example: “MailMergeCachePath”=”U:\%user%\Application Data\SalesLogix\MailMerge\Cache”

Step 3.

Once the registry key is modified and activated it will be used by every user login on this machine/server.

The key is activated when both symbols “<>”are removed in front of the path.

This normally occurs with roaming profiles and TermServer/Citrix .

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