Why do I get this error on my new product lookups? (error "Unknown Function Number -1")


I’ve created a new main view for Products. It works well and can navigate and even search on the detail screen header. I am attempting to build the buttons for each label to seach on. I basically copied the code from the account detail form and pointed the case statements to the new product lookups. When I click on them, I get an error “Unknown Function Number -1”. What is wrong with my code?

Case “cmdsku” ‘
strLookup = “Product:ActualID”
Application.BasicFunctions.DoInvoke “Lookup” & strLookup

Ive even changed the doinvoke to a Function: Lookup. I still get that error.

Any ideas on this? My main view seems to work ok but I’m not ruling anything out.


Check  the syntax at the end of the lookup line, should be a comma, not an ambersand symbol 

Sub FunctionLookupClick(Sender)
Dim strLookup
Select Case Sender.Name
Case “cmdSKU”
strLookup = “Product:Actualid”
End Select
Application.BasicFunctions.DoInvoke “Lookup”, strLookup

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