Working with the VFS in Application Architect

In a normal deployment of the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Web Client, the files for the Web Client are stored in the Virtual File System, or VFS.  This VFS is accessed through Application Architect, specifically through the Project Explorer and Project Workspace Manager tabs.  The Project Explorer tab shows along the left side of the window, and displays all the files in the VFS.  The Project Workspace Manager can be seen along the bottom, and shows where the VFS itself is stored.  Both of these can be selected from the View menu, or by clicking on the their respective tabs.

The collection of files that make up a Web Client deployment is known as a Project Workspace.  In the default configuration, with a single Project Workspace stored in the VFS, folks often use the terms Project Workspace and VFS synonymously.  But in a more complicated set-up, the distinction becomes important.  It is the Project Workspace Manager at the bottom of the Application Architect window that manages where the Project Workspace is stored.

In the Project Workspace Manager, the Working Path is where the Project Workspace is stored.  The default location should be something like VFS:\Model, which means the Project Workspace is stored in the VFS.  The VFS is actually part of the database, and for most installations it is fine to leave it there and not worry about it.  However, in some environments, it makes sense to locate the Project Workspace elsewhere.

You can right click on a Project Workspace to back it up (or restore from a previous backup).  You can also copy a Project Workspace to a new location outside the VFS.  Right click inside the Project Workspace Manager, and choose Add.  Name your new Project Workspace, click the ellipsis next to Working Path to choose the location it will be stored, and make sure Export Files Upon Creation is checked.  Click Create, and Infor CRM will create a copy of the VFS Project Workspace on your local file system. This is most commonly done on development systems to make deployments faster, and in cases where multiple versions of the Project Workspace are needed.


  1. Is it possible to access the VFS outside of Application Architect? (View in File Explorer)

    • Yes, the last paragraph in this post describes how to move the VFS to the local file system.

    • Thanks for the quick reply!

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