6 Easy Steps to Create a Word Printable Report in Creatio

1) Create new MS Word Report in Report setup area in Creatio

First you’re going to open up the report setup area which you’ll find by clicking the gear in the top right corner and then click on Report setup.

Then you’ll click new report and then choose MS Word.

2) Set up Report properties

Give your report a name and then select the section you want to gather the data from. Then once you select your section choose what fields you want to add onto your printable in “Set up report data“.

If you want to add any related list of data that is connected to the main object you’ll use “Set up report tables“. You’ll choose your related object by choosing a “Table name” and the other field will get filled in for you. Then pick the fields from the related object.

3) Connect to Creatio in MS Word

Note, for this part you’ll need to install the Creation Word plugin. See my article on that here. Open up word and go to the Creatio tab on the very right and then click connect.

You’ll have to put in your Creatio URL and then your username and password.

4) Select your printable

Once you’re singed in you’ll have to choose your printable you just created.

When you click “select report” a small pop up will appear. It’ll be a list of your printables so select the correct one and then click ok.

5) Drag in fields & tables

Once you select your printable you’ll see that all of the fields that you chose will be in the “Report data” on the right side of the screen.

Now all you just have to drag the fields where ever you want them in your word document. Also with the related object table you created you can grab the title of the table and drag that onto the page and it will setup the table for you in Word.

6) Save in Creatio

Now once you’re all done just click “Save to Creatio” and you’ll be all set.

Now when you refresh your Creatio next to the view button there will be a button that says “Print” and you can select and create your printable.

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