Accessing Multiple Contact ID’s in SalesLogix

Question: In SalesLogix I need to select multiple contacts on the contact list
view and then use the contact ID’s in subsequent code in a form opened
from the right-click menu of the list view.  How can I get the ID’s of
the selected contacts?

Answer: Use this:

Sub AddMergeIDs
Dim strMergeIDs
strMergeIDs = empty

Dim i
i = 0

for i=0 to application.MainViews.

ActiveView.GroupsPane.Selection.Count – 1
strMergeIDs = strMergeIDs & application.MainViews.ActiveView.GroupsPane.Selection(i) & “,”


strMergeIDs = left(strMergeIDs, len(strMergeIDs)-1)
application.GlobalInfo.Add “MergeIDs”, strMergeIDs

End Sub



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