Backup schedule for Infor CRM instances hosted by Infor

If you have an Instance of Infor CRM hosted by Infor, both the database and the (virtual machine) instance are automatically backed up.  But these backups are done mainly with an eye toward disaster recovery, so we would suggest you also perform your own backups of the database if you are interested in long-term archival copies.  (Potentially useful for recovering accidentally deleted data.

The actual server instances are backed up daily.  These daily backups are retained for a week, with one weekly backup retained for two months. For the database, full backups are done nightly, with incremental backups every two hours. The old backup is discarded every night when the new backup is done.  This means that in the event of some disaster, you can get your instance back with at most two hours of data lost.   However, if are wondering who the Contacts were for the Account you deleted last summer, you would need your own archived copy of the database to find out.

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