SalesLogix Basics 2 – Basic Scripting/Control Events


It’s simple enough in the SalesLogix LAN client to slap a bunch of
bound controls on a form, but if you want to perform any sort of action
on that data, chances are you are going to be writing code on various
events available to you.

As a simple example, I’ll build a
simple account level form, using code to return a count of contact
records associated to that account


event in simply a user or system initiated action.  The form itself has
a number of events.  In this example, I’m using the form’s WhenChange
event to display the current last modified date for the account, and to
set the default text on the button.  The WhenChange event fires every
time a form is associated with a new ID record, such as moving in
between account records.

‘Including Script – System:SLX Database Support
option explicit

Dim AccountID

Sub AXFormChange(Sender)
End Sub

Sub SetControlDefaults
    AccountID = txtCurrentID.Text
    dteLastModifiedDT.Text = GetField(“MODIFYDATE”, “ACCOUNT”, “ACCOUNTID = ‘” & AccountID & “‘”)
    txtCount.Text = “Calculate”
End Sub

On the WhenClick
event of the button, I call a function using the SLX Database Support
script’s GetField function to return a count of the contacts for the
current account, and set the Button’s Caption property to display that

Sub cmdGetCountClick(Sender)
    Sender.Caption = GetCount(AccountID)
End Sub

Function GetCount(sAccountID)
    GetCount = GetField(“count(*)”, “contact”, “accountid = ‘” & AccountID & “‘”)
End Function

this is a pretty simple example and there are many more things you can
do via code in SalesLogix.  There are many good VBScript language
references available online, and it wouldn’t hurt to find a good ADO
reference as well.  I’ll be providing other simple code snippets in
future articles, so please keep reading!  [:)]

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Jason Buss

Jason is a senior application developer with Customer FX.

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