Changing the SalesLogix 7.5 Intellisync Group

In SalesLogix 7.5 you only get one chance to select your adhoc contact group for Intellisync, usually that group is SyncSalesLogix.  What if you selected the incorrect group or you decide to change the default sync group?  Well you should delete the bad group from within SalesLogix, but the useroptions table contains an entry that won’t change.  Here is a script that will correct the useroptions table.  Please restrict to a specific userid. 

— Purge the system of all SyncSalesLogix group information.
— This will allow creation of new groups for Intellisync, which
— is necessary if the current groups are not functioning properly.
— One symptom of a bad group is the inability to select an
— Intellisync group in the normal SalesLogix Options selection view.

— CAUTION: The below deletes all SyncSalesLogix groups. If some user’s
— Intellisync setup is working properly, the below scripts will need to
— be modified to do selective deletion by userid.
— UserOptions table – Verify the to be deleted records first, then delete.
select * from useroptions where name=’SyncGroup’ and category=’Intellisync’
— delete from useroptions where name=’SyncGroup’ and category=’Intellisync’

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