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SalesLogix 7.5x SLXIntellisync Deployment for the LAN

With the revision of Intellisync in version 7.5 the new requirement is a deployment of the SLXIntellisync portal. What you will need to do is go through all of the same steps you would take to deploy the slxclient. On your web server add the Webdll user to the local administrators group, the IIS_WPG or (IIS_IUSRS in Windows Server 2008

Intellisync for SalesLogix

I had a user call me today that was looking for Tools/Options/ Outlook Synchronization tab.In version 7.5 this is no longer a tab within Tools/Options.This must be accessed from Start/All Programs/Sage SalesLogix/Intellisync for SalesLogix.These options are all setup from a website. If you would like more information, check out the Implementation guide on page #111.

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