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Solving the Infor CRM or Saleslogix Database Manager Crash

We had an issue with the Database Manager on our 8.3.6 Infor system where the Database Manager would start to open all of the tables but at the last table, it would hang and eventually crash the Administrator or the Architect.  The tables would open correctly in SQL Management Studio so we felt certain the database was not corrupted.

Adding Fields to main tables in SalesLogix v6.2

In older databases, the main tables are locked down, which is why we always used extension tables. However, you can get around that by setting the UserDef field in the SecTableDefs table to "T" for all records where tablename = Whatever tablename your looking at. If there's a specific requirement for those fields to be in the main table, then we'll temporarily make that change to the sectabledefs data to add the fields.

SalesLogix Workgroup Log Files

The SalesLogix WGLogs folder contains all the files the system has created for syncing data from the main database to remote users. If you have installed the Synchronization server and ran an initial sync these log files will continue to build in the WGLogs folder until the sync server runs and removes all but the active log file.

SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web Client Activities

We recently corrected a database that was upgraded to 7.5.1 and after the upgrade the Activities were no longer visible in the web client Activities Window. The Activity window in the LAN client continued to display Activities.

Secure Sockets Layer for SalesLogix Mobile

We were recently asked if SalesLogix Mobile could run under SSL and the easy answer is yes. Simply check on the use SSL in the SalesLogix Mobile Platform Setup and select the correct port. SSL provides an added layer of protection for data transmitted through http by encrypting the data

SalesLogix Administrative Roles

I was working with a client recently and asked him to install a bundle logged in as the administrator. As I followed along I saw he had successfully installed and released the bundle to all users. In addition to the bundle there was some script changes we needed to implement.

Installing MSDE from the SalesLogix 7.0 DVD

In a recent situation we were asked to install a remote SalesLogix 7.0 SQL2000 database on a notebook with SQL 2005 Server. We were able to remove SQL Server 2005 in this case but when we attempted to install MSDE we were prompted to use a strong password and the installation stopped until we added that switch.

Retiring Users Who Own SalesLogix Records

It comes up quite frequently that there are records owned by a user so you cannot retire that user. If you have reassigned all activity records and realigned all account and contact records with the territory realignment tool then there may be private records owned by this user

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