Dealing with Columns in Infor CRM (SalesLogix) Query Builder

In Infor CRM (formerly SalesLogix) it is possible to create new Groups in either the LAN or Web Client by using the Query Builder.  Just click the + on the upper right near Groups for Add Group and you are taken to the Query Builder.  The Query Builder lets you choose both the Conditions under which items appear, and the columns that are displayed.  For example, if making a Contacts query, the Conditions tab lets you set the criteria for which contacts will show up, while the Layout tab lets you choose which Columns are displayed, and it what order.  Adding Columns can be confusing, as columns are listed based on the organization of the database, rather than what is displayed in the Client.

For example, if you were using Query Builder to set up a Contact Group, there are already a few columns listed in the Layout tab.  If you wanted to add a Column for Do Not Solicit, you would click Contact in the upper portion of Query Builder, find Do No Solicit to the right of that, and drag it down into the Layout section.

If you want to add and Industry column, that is a bit more tricky, as Industry is not in the Contact table in the database.  However, Industry is on the Account table, and the Account table is joined to the Contact table, so it is still possible.  Expand Contact in the upper portion, and you will see all the tables that are joined to Contact.  Click on the Account table, and list of columns on the right will now show columns from the Account table.  You can find Industry on the list, then drag it down into the Layout section.

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