Does SalesLogix Mail Merge work for Both Account and Contact Groups??


SLX LAN v7.2.1

I created a group in ACCOUNTs with some criteria for the contacts and other ACCOUNT table fields. There are a total of 50 records. But when I go to do the mail merge the count does not give me 50 records, it gives me a count for ALL of the contacts in all of the accounts in the group. Does this mean that the mail merge only works correctly for a CONTACTs group?

In other words, go to Lookup –> Contacts –> Query Builder (instead of Lookup –> Accounts –> Query Builder)?


Depending on your definition of correctly. If you merge with a group of Accounts, the mail merge creates a mail merge for every Contact at each Account. If you run the Mail Merge from a Contacts Groups, it only creates the Mail Merge for each of the Contacts in the Group. If you would like to use an Accounts group, you would have to add a criteria such as, only Contacts with the Primary Checkbox checked.

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