Don’t install the Infor CRM Job Server on the Web Server

The Job Server is used by Infor CRM (Saleslogix) to run long-running or scheduled tasks.  It is required for any CRM installation that uses the Web Client, but may be useful even to those that don’t.  If you don’t think about the Job Server until you are preparing to install the Web Host on the Web Server, you might be tempted to install the Job Server there as well.  This can cause problems.  In their documentation, Infor states that “Installing the Job Server on the Web Server is not recommended for performance reasons.”  This is a understatement. If you install the Job Server on your Web Server, the Web Server is likely to take a significant performance hit from having the Job Server working in the background.  For best website performance, the preferred configuration would be to have the Job Server, along with the Administrator and other admin programs on one machine, and the Web Server on a machine of its own.

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