Error Logs in Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix)

Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) does not have its own error logs, it uses the logs in Windows Event Viewer.  Most recent versions of Windows server have Event Viewer somewhere in the Start menu, but you can also get to it under Windows Administrative tools. Once it is open, expand Widows Logs and select Application.


Infor CRM logs a lot on information, so even if there are visible errors, they may not be of any significance.  The logs are best used to troubleshoot specific errors.  For the most part, the actual error messages are the important ones, so you might need to select Filter Current Log and check only Error event level.  You might also want to add warnings, or go back and add them after you have looked at the errors.  Infor CRM can generate many warnings, and many of them are not important.


Scroll through the list, and look for an error at the same time that the error or issue occurred in CRM.  If there are a string or error messages at that time, the earliest in the series is often the most important, though the following errors may have useful data as well.

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