Git for the SalesLogix Developer – Using a Git Repository

In the last post in the Git for the SalesLogix Developer series, I outlined how to set up a repository. Once that is complete, other developers can use that repository to collaborate on the project. This post outlines how to use a repository and bring it locally so you can use it for development.

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Video of Using a Git Repository

Let’s take a look at the video where I walk you through the steps to use a Git repository.

Steps to Use a Git Repository

These steps can be taken by developers once the initial repository has been set up so they can collaborate and work on the same SalesLogix model hosted in the Github repository.

  1. Ensure the developer(s) are added as collaborators on the Github repository
  2. Developers log into Github using their own accounts, go to the repository and copy the read-write URL for the repository
  3. In Git Extensions, click “Clone Repository”. Enter the URL from Github in the “Repository to Clone” box. Enter the appropriate path values in the Destination and Subdirectory boxes
  4. Click “Clone”
  5. In Application Architect, open the Project Workspaces view, right-click and select “Add”
  6. Enter a name for the new workspace and browse to the location of the repository you cloned. Ensure that the “export files” checkbox is not checked.
  7. Double click the new workspace in the Workspace Manager to use it in Application Architect

Next time in the Git for the SalesLogix Developer series I’ll show you how to start making use of your new Git skills and we’ll walk through the day-to-day workflow of working with Git in SalesLogix development.

View the Git for the SalesLogix Developer series index


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