How can I send a Quote in SalesLogix and Record to History without the extra step we currently have to do??


Currently, we are running an application that creates a quote for a customer, the application allows the quote to be emailed to the customer – but uses Outlook to send it.  The  email is created in the application and appears in the Sent Items in Outlook.  We have to manually go to the Outlook Sent Items, select the email and press the Record to History button to record it.  We are wondering if anyone knows how we can either set up a rule or a macro to look for emails with a particular subject and runs the Record to History function.  We’d like to automate this somehow rather than remembering to do it manually…


As an alternative, you could use the SalesLogix application object to pop the email with the address, attachment, subject, and body already filled in – and give the user the ability to customize the email message…. then hit SEND SLX.

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