How do I resolve this error I get when trying to add Contacts to a SalesLogix Opportunity?


When trying to add a contact to an opportunity that doesn’t already have a contact I get the following error message…

An error occurred executing active form script (System:smileyfrustrated:elect Contact(s)).

Variable is undefined: ‘strCntContactIDs’ at line 63, char5

If there is at least one contact already listed in the opportunity then this error does not occur.

I’m using SLX 7.5 with the full client.  I’m not a programmer so I don’t have any idea what it would take to fix this.


that’s a defect fixed sometime ago ? Should be gone in that release. Are you sure it’s 7.5 ? (but, if it’s a 7.5 with an upgrade it sounds ilke this form wasn’t replaced -when it was fixed).

Check to see if you have a Custom Detail view that may not have been upgraded.

I think  there is a typo in the variable name in 7.5.  If you look at the code surrounding the referenced line, it should be obvious.  


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