How do I change the color of a SalesLogix field based on a value in the field?


I think this is probably something easy to do, but I have no clue.  I want the color of a SalesLogix field to change if the field contains “Retired” from a picklist.  This is for the Satus field on the Account Detail Form.  

I know how to do this with Check Boxes :

Sub chkCODClick(Sender)

    If Sender.Checked Then

      lblCOD.Color = clyellow


       lblCOD.Color = clBtnFace

    End If

End Sub

However, I don’t know how to accomplish this for a picklist object.



On the OnChange event for the form just add:


Select Case ebYourObject.Text
Case “Retired”
  ebYourObject.Color = vbRed
Case Else
  ebYourObject.Color = clWindow
End Select

Using a case statement simply means you can use more options later – you can use if/else if you want.

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