How do I fix a corrupt Picklist in Infor CRM version 8.1?


 I had a user ask how to fix a corrupt picklist.

The picklist did not show any values when trying to edit the picklist values in the Administrator section of the Web Client .

You are able to add a new entry and it shows up in the picklist, but the existing values are not there.



The picklist we were dealing with is fairly short, so I recommended to the user to delete all existing items in the actual database, then add the values back again, so that you could edit them when necessary.

To do this, I first queried the database for a value that I knew was in the picklist. Ie. Value A

Select * from sysdba.picklist where text = ‘Value A’


Once I had the results, I could find the picklistid. I took the picklistid  kSYSTt0001301 and queried the database for all the entries in the database. 

Select * from sysdba.picklist where
picklistid = ‘kSYSTt0001301’


I took a screen shot of the entries so I would have them for data imput later.


Then I delete all of the entries.



from sysdba.Picklist where picklistid = ‘kSYSTt0001301’


Then I logged back into the Web Client as Admin, went into picklists and added the entries from the screenshot that I made.

I am now able to add, edit and delete.

I don’t know why this picklist was corrupt, but all is well now. 










Dale Richter

Director of Training- I have worked with Customer FX since 1997

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