Improving the SalesLogix Contact Summary Crystal Report

We are now half way through fixing or adjusting the six Contact Level Crystal reports that come with a standard implementation of Sage SalesLogix.  Today we focus on The Contact Summary Report.  On November 28 2008 I wrote a blog post labeled SalesLogix Contact level Reports, the following is an exert on the Contact Summary report. 

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The Contact Summary report is one of those reports that could be replaced with the modified version of the Contact Detail report.  You are provided a parameter for filtering out History. If I were to improve this report I would remove the dead space that provides the Contact details by leveling out the fields into two even columns.

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Compared to the last post this will be very straight forward for any of you following this blog.  Really nothing here we have not done before.

The first thing I have been doing to update these reports is to remove any excess tables that do not provide a purpose to the report.  For this report I removed the Account, ActUserDef, Activity, Adhoc, ContactLeadSource, LeadSource, LitRequest, Opportunity, and Opportunity Contact tables. All the other tables were providing data to the report.  

Next I lined up all of the Phone numbers into the same column removing the Web, Home, and Pager fields.  Last week I had worked with a couple of different subreports while fixing up the Contact Detail Report, one of the reports I used was an Address report.  I removed the Account and all Address fields and called in the Address report as the subreport to display Account Name and Addresses for each Contact. 

I added a shade box on Details a which allowed me to separate out History records.  I also replaced the History.Notes field with the in the History.LongNotes which will display all of the notes for a history record, not just the first 255 characters.   I played around with alignments and fonts, hoping to make the report a little more smooth compared to the standard version.  Here is the out come.

You can down load a free copy of the Contact Summary Report using this link.

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