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Today we will review the 6 Contact level reports that are implemented with a standard Sage SalesLogix (SLX) Implementation.  Here we are going to see a lot of the same style reports that we saw under the Account level.  The first report we will look at is the Contact Address Book.  This report provides basic information about all of the Contacts in the database.  The condition filters for this report are set to AccountManagerid and ModifyDate and this is common for all Contact layer reports.  There are no predefined parameters in this report but as explained in SalesLogix Reports Area post, you are able to filter out any records using the Match By Query option. 

The below Screen shot provides a good example of the fields that display in the report.


As you can see with this report and all other Contact layer report, if there is no data in a field then the field does not display in the report.  The only improvements I would make to this report is to add a parameter that allows you to filter down to the primary Contact for each Account. I would also add the Primary and Title fields to the report. 

See how the Contact Address report was adjusted by following this link.

The next report is very similar to the Account Detail report reviewed in the SalesLogix Account Level Reports post.  The Contact Detail report provides common Contact information, a list of scheduled Activities for the Contact, all Opportunities the Contact is related to, along with Lead source and History information.  This report comes with established parameters which provide the ability to not include any of the fore mentioned areas and the option to remove History level Notes.  On the topic of the Notes field, the report uses CONTACT.NOTES which is a string field with the ability to only hold 255 characters of data.  If you want to see all of the note for each of the History records you must use the CONTACT.LONGNOTES which is a memo field. As with the Account layer with some improvements this report could replace a couple of the others that we will review during this post.  Come read how I updated the Contact Detail report.

The Contact Phone book report is a report that could be removed from the system.  With some simple adaptations to the Contact Address Book report it could easily accomplish the same mission as this report is intended to carry out.  In the screen shot below you will see the fields that are included in the report.  Compare to the Address book and there is not a lot of difference.  If I were to improve this report I would again provide a parameter for Primary Contacts only and the ability to sort by Account.



The Contact Summary report is one of those reports that could be replaced with the modified version of the Contact Detail report.  You are provided a parameter for filtering out History. If I were to improve this report I would remove the dead space that provides the Contact details by leveling out the fields into two even columns.  See how this report was updated.

The Contacts By Account List report provides an excellent example of what an additional parameters on the Contact Address Book would provide and also why I believe the reports area of SalesLogix could be cleaned up.  The only real difference between this report and the Contact Phone list is the grouping by Account.  I do like how this report provides the Contacts Title Incorporated with the name.  I think it would be valuable to identify the primary contact for the Account,  maybe even list them first.  Read “Updating the SalesLogix Contact by Account Crystal Report


The Contacts By Lead Source report provides a list of Contacts brought to your organization by Lead generation activities.  The report also provides simple Lead Source information.  Condition filters used only SourceDate with no user.  If you are like me, You might be wondering why this report is located under the Contact layer of reports. Since this is the only Lead source report I guess the Contact area is as good as any place to put the report.  This report should be considered a great starter Report for the companies looking to get into detailed reporting of the Lead Source area of SLX

Next up, Contract and Defect reports.  As always feel free to contact me on ideas for improving any of the reports discussed in this or any other post.  I am also always looking for topics for the Reporting blog.  If you are in need of help with planning new or improving existing reports please consider asking the staff at Customer FX for help.  Please read up on the 3 new service offerings for Crystal Reports that Customer FX now provides.  


Thanks for reading this post.  Geo [:)]





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