Is it Possible to Have Several Instances of MS Word Running and Still do a SalesLogix Mail Merge?


I’m using SLX LAN 7.5.4 and MS Word 2010. When performing a mail merge while Word is already open we get a message to close Word before the merge can continue.

I have custom coded routines that interact with Excel and Word and pump data to the spreadsheets/documents while other copies of word and excel are open and I haven’t seen any errors or issues doing this.

Is it possible to have several instances of Word running and and still do a SalesLogix Mail Merge?


I’m afraid this is standard functionality, I do not know of any method to override this.

This is functioning as designed. The SalesLogix help files states “Microsoft Word is already open: If you have an instance of Word already open, you will be prompted to close Word before the merge can continue.” in the Merge Considerations section.

SalesLogix can get “lost” if there are multiple copies of word open. Same applies to Excel.

I’ve seen this w/other applications as well. Not unique to SalesLogix.


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