Writing a Query in SalesLogix for Contacts That Have no History Recorded in the Last xx Days.


I am trying to write a Query in SalesLogix that returns a list of contacts that have no history recorded in the last xx days. How can I do this?


Here is an example of a Query for no history in the last 30 days.
A – In the Sales Client, go to the contact list view.
B – Right-click and select “Add Group”.
C – On the property tab, name the group.
D – Select the conditions tab.
E – Highlight the contact table in the upper left side pane.
F – Double-click the contactId field in the upper right hand pane.
G – In the operator drop down, select “IN”.
H – In the value window, copy and paste the following SQL statement:
          Select distinct ContactId from History where DateDiff(day, History.Createdate,GetDate()) < 30
        –No contact in Last 90 Days
          Select C.ContactID 
          From Contact C 
          Where not Exists 
               (Select Distinct H.ContactID 
                From history H 
                Where H.CompletedDate > DateAdd(m, -3, getutcdate()) and 
                            H.ContactID = C.ContactID and 
            H.Type <> 262156)
I – Select OK.
J – Highlight the condition, right click and select “NOT”.
K – Select OK.

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