Is there an issue with having a different seccode for the Opportunities on an Account??


The customer has a set of Account records they’d like to be visible to everyone.   We can set the Owner/SECCODE to “Everyone” – no problem.    But they want to control access to Opportunities for certain users – a user should be able to view/edit some opportunities but not others.  The goal is for both security and a desire to limit remote database size.   


With scripting I can change the Opportunity SECCODE to to a Team to allow only users who are members of that team.  I don’t see a problem with this as long as the user has access to the Account record as well as the Opp record.    Are there gotcha’s I’m not aware of that happen when the Opp SECCODE is different that the Account’s? 



I think you risk messing up what Opportunities get sent to and updated on the remote databases as sync is based on Account.Seccodeid. This has been verified by other users.

I have previously used a script that would make the entire Opportunity entity read only for most users.  It looped through all controlls on all forms and set them to read only.  Ryan Farley has posted code here:​eid=70

You might be able to use it to make the data invisible as well.

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