Page Cannot Be Found Error When Attempting to Browse SalesLogix v7.5

Question: I’ve installed the SalesLogix v7.5 Windows and Web clients with SQL 2005, Windows Server 2003 SP2 stand alone.  I can see in IIS that SlxClient, sdata and ProcessHost applications have been created.  I can also see several files under SlxClient.  In IIS I open the SalesLogix web site, open SlxClient folder, right click Default.aspx, click browse.  Internet Explorer opens pointing to http://localhost:3333/SlxClient/Default.aspx and I get a “404 The page cannot be found” error.  Why am I receiving this error?

Answer: From what you are describing you are receiving this error because IIS does not have ASP.NET set to “Allowed”.  To change this go under the IIS Console, navigate to Web Service Extensions on the left hand side.  In the list on the right, ensure ASP.NET (all versions) are set to “Allowed”. By default (on IIS 6 onwards) these are set to “Prohibit”.

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