SalesLogix 7.2.x Web Client or Customer Portal do not respond

We recently ran into an incident that completely shut down the SalesLogix Web Client and Customer Portal after applying Windows security updates.  The login button appeared to accept the command and then never navigated to the next form.  We discovered that loading ASP.NET 3.5 sp1 was the source of the error which we saw as “javascript:void(0);” – not the expected “Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fslxclient%2fDefault.aspx”.  To fix the SalesLogix Web Client, open the Application Architect and browse to the Support Files in Project Explorer.  Open Base.Master and find  action”javascript:void(0):” and remove from each of the following: Base.Master, Login.Master, Default.Master, and Dialog.Master.

If the Sage SalesLogix Customer Portal is in use remove the action from the Default.master, Base.master, and Login.master.  These changes will be flow directly to the users since we are modifying the deployed portals.  As a precaution, bundle up the vfs table prior to making any direct changes to your deployments.

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