SalesLogix 8.1 Job Service Scheduling Executions Error Resolution

Often times a web implementation will have an application server that is used to deploy the web portals to a web host server. When the Saleslogix web client and SData portals are deployed and then tested an Internal Server Error is encountered on the URL, similar to the following:


What is occuring is the Job Service is attempting to run the scheduled jobs, like activity rollover, and it cannot run them on the web host because the deployment was on the application server and the Job Service must run there.
This setting is found under the appsettings.cfg file in the SLXCient and SData folders. Open the file and change this setting ” http://localhost:1895″ to ” http://YOURAPPLICATIONSERVER:1895″ to allow the Job Service to run on the Application Server.
After changing this setting in the files run an IISRESET and the problem is solved.

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