Scheduling Activities against Entities in Infor CRM 8.4.04

In the 8.4.04 Infor CRM web client, activities now have a new association area so that you can associate any number of entities to an Activity. For instance you can now schedule an Activity against an Account, Contact, Quote, and Defect.

This is done through the new activity UI:

You can choose which entities can be associated to Activities via a new property of the entity in the Application Architect. To be able to do this, first make sure you have the properties window open in Application Architect (F4 to open). Then, if you expand out the Project Explorer to VFS/Entity Model/Packages/Saleslogix Application Entities/ and then click the entity you want, at the very top of the Properties window there is a new property called “Can Associate Activity”. Set this to True and that entity will be available to add to an Activity.

Issues with Upgrades
We recently had a client that upgraded to 8.4.04 where they were unable to launch the schedule activity screen when they were on either Accounts or Opportunities. Using the schedule drop down or trying to click the toolbar icons on the activity tab resulted in nothing happening. It turned out that these entities had somehow gotten this “Can Associate Activity” set to False for the properties. There is a new check in the javascript Activity service library that now checks that the current entity has this attribute turned on before it will open the activity dialog. So if you run into something similar where you can’t open activities from a certain page in the Infor CRM web client, make sure that the entity that the page is defined for has this new property set correctly for it. If not, you will need to set it to True, then build the web platform and redeploy the Web client portal.

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Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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