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Upgrading Infor CRM Mobile from Version 3.x to Version 4.0

If you’re using Infor CRM Mobile version 3.x, without question you should consider upgrading to version 4.0. Version 4.0 has a completely new UI that is a huge improvement to Infor CRM Mobile. It’s a more modern look and feel, but greatly improves the user experience as well. However, the upgrade from mobile 3.x to […]

Custom Security Profiles and the ICRM 8.4 Upgrade

The Infor v8.4 Action Items bundle inserts a number of new Security profiles into the secprofiles table.  Unfortunately, in doing so it also clears all the old profiles, which is an issue if you have custom security profiles that you use in your system. 

Load order issue in Infor CreateUnicodeDB utility

I recently bumped into an issue with the order in which the utility (CreateUnicodeDB) creates database objects.  SQL Users and schemas are processed first, followed by SQL tables, followed by the other SQL objects.  In this particular database, there were scalar UDFs being used to create computed columns in a number of the SQL tables.  Since the utility creates Tables before UDFs, it would error out on any table referencing that non-existent U...

Errors with Activities after upgrading to SalesLogix 7.5.3 in the web client

 I have had a couple of clients who recently have reported issues being able to update existing activities after upgrading to the SalesLogix web client.  In the web server’s event logs you see errors similar to this: 2011-06-10 14:22:58,872 ERROR NHibernate.AdoNet.AbstractBatcher – Could not execute command: UPDATE ACTIVITY SET ALARMTIME = ?, LEADID = ?, […]

SalesLogix Provider Post 6.2 -Problems with Insert Syntax

I recently had a client that was using the SalesLogix LAN client and had upgraded from 6.2 to 7.5.2  During the upgrade a problem arose that exhibited itself by crashing the SalesLogix client with no error messages of any kind.  After looking into it I discovered the problem was a custom form they had was […]

SalesLogix Upgrades

This week I have had many conversations with clients regarding SalesLogix upgrades. Although everyone wants the new features and improvements of new software versions, they are often very reluctant to go through the upgrade process. I think it is important to understand that once software is purchased, there will be ongoing costs to upgrade and […]

Upgrading SalesLogix

I have has several calls recently in regards to issues they may be having in older SalesLogix versions. Administrators need to realize that once they purchase software, that same software needs to be upgraded at some point. Depending on the complexity of their systems this is a costly venture that needs to be placed in […]

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