Set Up Final Tasks on a New Infor CRM Instance

Having set up the folders CRM uses, the job service, and SpeedSearch; there are a few other things worth checking on a new deployment of Infor CRM.

First, if you have not already, open the Administrator program, then open the Admin user. In order for Infor CRM to function properly, this user needs to be mapped to the service account (the same one used by the job service and IIS app pool). Make sure Use Windows Authentication is checked, and click the people icon on Windows ID to add the service account, if needed.

Admin User Mapping

Second, if you are using the web client at all, you will want to verify that all users have the Standard User role. Log on to the web client as Admin, go to the ADMINISTRATION section in the nav bar on the left, and select Roles. On the Roles page, Select Standard User, and make sure the list of users assigned this role looks like your entire list of users. The only situation in which you would not assign a user this role is if you deliberately created a user with very limited functionality.

Standard User Role

Third, if you will be using Xbar, you will want to make sure the current version of Xbar is the one available for download on the web client. Copy the Infor CRM Xbar Setup.exe file from the desired version of Xbar and paste it into the folder C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SlxClient\Libraries\DesktopIntegration .

Finally, there are several jobs for Back Office Extension that are set to run quite frequently. If you are not using this feature, it is a good idea to disable this jobs as described in [].

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