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MAS 500 checking a customers credit limit

MAS offers a stored procedure that allows you to check if a custom has exceeded their credit limit.  The procedure is called "sparCreditCheck" and takes 8 parameters: @iCustKey – the customer key of the customer you want to check the credit limit on. @iTranType – Transaction type of the current record. @iTranKey – The document […]

Sage SalesLogix ERP Link Sync

In addition to the client side aspect of ERP Link there is a "server" side component that allows the ERP Link Queries to run and populate the data in SalesLogix. The queries provide the data that you see in SalesLogix for a customer like YTD sales, open payments, open invoices, etc. These data queries can only be executed through the ERP Link Sync utility. If you do not set up and run this utility, you will not see your financial dat...

SalesLogix ERP Link- An Overview

With ERP Link, SalesLogix has the capability to integrate with MAS 500 in a more robust fashion than is possible with DynaLink.  Lets take a look at the components of ERP Link. Overview of the Components First of all the actual ERP Link product is mainly contained in a couple of .NET extension in the […]

Retrieving Sales Order defaults for a MAS 500 customer

One of the useful stored procedures in MAS 500 that I have used quite a bit is spsoGetCustDflts.  This stored procedure allows you to pass in customer parameters and have the system return to you nearly all of the customer attributes you would need to populate a Sales Order in MAS 500. The spsoGetCustDflts procedure […]

New Sage SalesLogix ERP Link for Sage MAS 500 v7.2

Sage announces the availability of Sage SalesLogix ERP Link 3.0 for Sage MAS 500 v7.2. The ERP Link between Sage SalesLogix and Sage MAS 500 provides organizations access to the most current product information, pricing, discounts, and inventory status when creating quotes or taking orders.

ERP Link v3.0 for SalesLogix and MAS 500

Available soon! Sage has announced that ERP Link v3.0 for SalesLogix and MAS 500 went to Release to Manufacturing yesterday will soon be available to the public. This release could allow you to leverage the integration between SalesLogix and MAS 500 by gaining a complete

SalesLogix ERP Link v3.0 Released

Sage SalesLogix ERP Link is a business management solution that provides organizations with cross-departmental visibility into prospects and customers, driving organizational efficiencies and ensuring their business is operating with a complete view of critical customer interactions. Sage SalesLogix ERP Link for Sage MAS 500 enables everyone in the organization—from sales and marketing to accounting and finance to support, manufacturing, and di...

SalesLogix ERP Link v3.0 Survival Guide

Just released, SalesLogix ERP Link v3.0 is the latest integration for SalesLogix and MAS 500. The ERP Link between Sage SalesLogix to Sage MAS 500 provides organizations access to the most current product information, pricing, discounts, and inventory status when creating quotes or taking orders. In addition, without having to leave Sage SalesLogix, users can view all relevant customer data, such as credit status, terms, and account balance so th...

MAS 500 Sales Orders – Kit Structure

In my last blog I discussed how MAS 500 has a concept of Kits and where these are stored in relation to the item tables.  Similarly, the Kits can be added to Sales Orders.  This post discusses the structure of the Sales Order tables as it relates to Kits. Sales orders are stored in tsoSalesOrder.  […]

MAS 500 Items – Kit Structure

In MAS 500 there is the concept of a “Kit” which is a group of items that are bundled together and sold as a single entity.  Think of something like a computer which consists of various hardware and software components. The Kit itself has a separate price than what the sum of all of the […]

Fetching Item Pricing from MAS 500

MAS 500 has many, many stored procedures that allow various actions to be performed while enforcing business rules, such as adding, updating, or removing records, or retrieving values from the system.  This article will describe one of the more useful procedures available for fetching pricing data from MAS 500.   The procedure to retrieve pricing […]