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Follow up to selecting a SalesLogix gridview Row ID

In my previous post, I mentioned how to get the selected ID of a gridview’s row when you click the row.  Since then I have found that sometimes SalesLogix will implement an extra DataKey in the grid when it is deployed as a quick form.  (For instance, if you specify the grid’s DataKeyNames = “Id”, […]

Enforcing numeric input on a SalesLogix 7.5.1 quick form text control

SalesLogix has a couple of numeric based custom text controls including currency, and numeric.  One of the things you will find is that using these controls gives the user a slightly different experience based on the custom control chosen.  One of the big differences is that the currency control enforces numeric input once the user […]

A bug in the SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web Lookup Wizard

I recently ran into a situation where I had built several quick forms on the SalesLogix web that contained lookups.  Once the quick forms were deployed to a web site, when attempting to use the lookup the lookup would open with the defined lookup columns, however, regardless of search criteria entered no results would show.  […]

Retrieving the current grid row ID in the SalesLogix web control

The SalesLogix grid control exposes an OnRowSelected event  during design time to allow adding code when a row is selected.  This functionality allows you to build out additional functionality around selecting a row, other than just bringing up an edit dialog.  In doing this you could for instance have a memo next to a grid […]

SalesLogix v7.5.1 Hot Fix 22, 31 and 32 just released

These hotfixes are now available for download on the SalesLogix support web site… SalesLogix v7.5.1 Hot Fix 22 corrects a SpeedSearch error that occurs on lead conversion where insufficient resources exist. SalesLogix v7.5.1 Hot Fix 31 includes several fixes for the SalesLogix Provider.  Refer to the Applying Guide for more details. SalesLogix v7.5.1 Hot Fix […]

Column formatting in the SalesLogix web grid control

In the SalesLogix web grid control there is a TextFormatString property to grid columns.  Unfortunately there is no documentation currently on how to use this property.  Hopefully this article will help with that.   In the SalesLogix Application Architect, if you open a QuickForm that has a grid, you can click on the Grid to […]

SalesLogix Web Client Lookup Result layout definition defined

OK so you are using the SalesLogix web client and you are searching for records using the standard group/list functionality available on the main pages like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities. You might say to yourself "Self, great I can find records, and look I can see some columns.  You know what would be helpful?  If my […]

Setting a permanent filter on the Add Opportunity Product screen in the SalesLogix web client

I recently was asked to add a permanent filter on the add opportunity product screen to control what products were available to a user. The requirements called for only certain products to be visible to some users while other products were available to other users, and still other products were available to all users. This may sound complex but it is actually pretty easy, provided you know where to start.

Opening a Dialog window in the SalesLogix Web Client

SalesLogix offers the ability to open a "popup" dialog window in the SalesLogix web client. There is a limit currently, only allowing one open dialog window at a time. If you want a popup from a popup it can not be done right now. To launch a popup dialog you can use the the DialogService.

Using Page.Session to store values in the SalesLogix web client

The Page.Session object in ASP.NET allows you to save data per user that requests a page from the SalesLogix web client application.  Variables stored in the session object are not discarded when users move between pages.  The variables will persist for the length of time the user is in the SalesLogix web client, or until […]

The SalesLogix Web SLXLookup Control Part 2 – Additional Filtering

In my last post I talked about how the lookup control can have multiple conditions added to filter the lookup results. This is done using Prefilters. However, these conditions are appended together with AND logic. Today I want to talk about a method for building OR logic so that a lookup can, for instance, only show those accounts where the type = customer OR the type = prospect.