Time Zones in Infor CRM Software

We occasionally get questions on time zone issues in Infor CRM software.  Generally speaking, the system is designed for users not to have to think about time zones, but occasionally there are issues that force you to be aware of it.  Whenever Infor CRM Software records a time, it is converted to UTC time and stored that way in the database.  When Infor CRM displays a time, it converts it from the UTC time in the database to whatever to local time zone is.  This will occasionally cause the dates on certain fields to be a day off if the time of the event is on one date in the local time zone, but the next or previous day in UTC time.  Likewise, the system converts timeless event on a given to date to 24-hour events covering the entire date when stored in the database. Such events will generally straddle two dates in UTC time, which can also occasionally cause issues.  Once again, Infor CRM software usually handles the conversions without incident, but if you notice an event seems to be off by a day, this may be what it going on.

In either the LAN or web client, if you look in the lower-right corner you will see the time zone listed.  Infor CRM reads the time and  time zone from the local computer, and sets the client accordingly.  You can change the displayed time zone, if desired, but only to another time zone with the same time.  It stores this time zone in the database, though I am not sure why, as it always resets whenever a user logs in.  On the rare occasion a user cannot log in, and the Event Log shows a time zone error, that means the time zone value in the USERINFO table in the database is set to a bad value.  The only way to fix that is to update that value manually in the database to an allowed time zone value.

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