Infor CRM Connection Troubleshooting: Admin Configuration

Previous posts on connection issues in Infor CRM can be found here, here, and here. This next one is perhaps more of configuration issue, but it does cause connection issues if not set up correctly, so I am including it here.

In order for Infor CRM to function correctly, the admin account must be connected to the service account that is used for the Saleslogix Job Server service and the application pool the web client is using in IIS. WebDLL is the name Infor for this account, and it needs to be a domain account with local admin rights on all Infor CRM servers.

Now, assuming you have this account set up correctly, you will need to specifically tell Infor CRM to use this Windows account with the Infor CRM admin account. Open the Administrator program for Infor CRM, click Users, and open the Admin user. Check the box use Windows authentication. The click to select the AD account to use for Windows authentication, and select WebDLL (or whatever account you are using). Save and close.

CRM Admin AD user

You must also make sure Window authentication is enabled on the system, or it will ignore this setting. Still in the Administrator program, go to the Tools menus, select Options, then select Passwords. Put a check in the box to enable Windows authentication. This has no effect on users that don’t have Windows authentication set up at the user level.

Windows Authentication

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