Xbar Compatibility with Infor CRM versions

If you are using Infor CRM software (formerly Saleslogix), and also Microsoft Outlook, you may be interested in Infor CRM Xbar.  Xbar is the main tool offered for Infor CRM Outlook Integration, allowing you to view and connect to Infor CRM from within Outlook.


Which version of Infor CRM Xbar you will need depends on which version of Infor CRM you are using.  The oldest version of CRM that works with Xbar is CRM, which will work with Xbar 1.3.7 or earlier.  If you are using any iteration of Infor CRM 8.3, you can use Xbar 1.3.9 or earlier.

If you are using 8.4, you likely want to use Xbar 1.4.  (You can still use Xbar 1.3.7 to 1.3.9 if you are using 8.4.0 or, but not with or later.)  They available information does not include Xbar 1.4.1; but, since that one is mainly a bug fix, it can safely be assumed it also works with CRM 8.4.x.  Generally-speaking, it is a good idea to us the latest version of Xbar that is compatible with your version of Infor CRM, though Xbar 1.4.1 is mainly a bug fix, so 1.4 will work just as well if you aren’t experiencing any issues with it.

Which version of Outlook to use could be a whole other blog post; but, if you don’t have access to some Microsoft volume licensing program, your best best is the 32-bit version of Office 365.  You can often get away with mismatched versions of any of this, but there is usually no advantage to doing so, so I would suggest deviating from best practices for Infor CRM only if you need to for a specific reason.

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