A More Drastic Fix for some Infor CRM and Outlook Sync Issues

Recently, I have seen many folks having issues syncing between Infor CRM (Saleslogix) and Outlook.  Sometimes the fix is as simple and reinstalling Xbar or rebuilding the .ost file. In other cases, this is not enough. Windows seems to be holding on to some email or configuration data that causes the problem to persist.  I am reposting here some more drastic options that clear out data that is not touched by other methods.

If you are having issues with Xbar, and a normal uninstall does not help, the following uninstall procedure (published on Infor Xtreme as KB 2016203) will also clear out the Xbar configuration data stored by Windows.  As always, be sure to right click and choose “Run as Administrator” when installing Infor programs.

Close Outlook.

Close DTM (Infor Desktop Manager) if it is running in the system tray.

Open Run (windows Key + R or Start button type run).

Clear any pre-existing contents in the run line.

Using file explorer open the following path – C:\users\<user>\AppData\Local\Infor

Drag and Drop the SLXotl32.dll into the run line.

Prepend the path populated in the run line with the following – Regsvr32 /u

Click ok.

NOTE: You should receive a message the dll unregister was successful.

Delete the following directories




Delete the following Registry key – HKEY_CURRENT_USER_Software\Saleslogix

Browse to – C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Package Cache

Perform a file search in windows explorer for ‘Infor’ and delete any returned results that are under this directory.

Restart the computer.

Open Programs and Features (add/remove Programs).

Uninstall Infor CRM Xbar.

NOTE: You will receive a message that the program is not installed properly and a prompt will appear asking you if you’d like to remove it from the list, click yes.

Alternately there is a free program called Revo Uninstaller that we have found to be very good at deleting all the hidden config data when it uninstalls a program.  It appears to accomplish the same thing as the above uninstall procedure, and can be downloaded here.

If a persistent sync issue follows the user on multiple computers, there might actually be an issue with the metadata in Outlook.  There is a program called Outlook Spy that allows you to view and delete the metadata in Outlook.  You can use the following procedure to delete part of  the metadata that can cause sync issues.  Remember to download the 16- or 32-bit version that matches the bitness of Outlook.  Be sure to uninstall Outlook Spy when finished, as it is not advisable to run Outlook day-to-day with Outlook Spy reading the metadata.

1) Download Outlook Spy (http://www.dimastr.com/outspy/download.htm)

*bitness should match Outlook

2) Install OutlookSpy

3) Uninstall Xbar (remove the registry keys as well; HKCU\Software\Saleslogix\Outlook

4) Open Outlook

5) Make sure Outlook is open to the Email section

6) Select the OutlookSpy tab

7) Select IMAPIFolder

8) On the window that pop ups, select ‘Associated Contents’

9) On the left hand side, select the Infor CRM Options

10) Delete Infor CRM Options

11) Scan to make sure there is not also a Saleslogix Options (delete if there is)

12) Switch to the Calendar, and repeat steps 6 – 11

13) Repeat steps 6-11 for Contacts and Tasks as well

14) Exit out of Outlook Spy

15) Uninstall OutlookSpy, delete the installer from the machine

It may also be necessary to create a new Contacts folder in Outlook, and have Xbar sync Contacts to that new Contacts folder.


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