Are there any Issues with the naming of the entity header in SalesLogix?


I am creating a new data grid using the wizard in AA  in the 7.5.1
web client.  Using the wizard, I can choose all needed  fields.   But
after the form is created when I try to add any new fields, the drop
down for the data fields is blank.   I checked the entity and all of the
fields are available. 

I think it could be an issue with the
“invoice history header” entity but I sure cannot find it.


When you create your entity for the invoice header rename the entity
so that it does not begin with an “I”, change it to MASInvoiceHistory or
something else…there appears to be an oversight in that when the
entity begins with and “I” it will drop the “I” when the datasource is
created, you’ll notice that the datasource turns into dsnvoicehistory.

Another tip is to not start any of your entities in lower case, this will also create issues for you down the road.




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