Can you or Should you merge Contacts and Accounts on a SalesLogix Remote Database??


We are on 7.2.2 LAN with Remote Users and 1 Remote Office.  What is
the conventional wisdom regarding allowing remote users (Remote Office
and/or Single user Remote Databases) to Merge Account and Contacts?  The
 SalesLogix application doesn’t seem to care in that it allows it, but
are there gotcha’s in there or should it always be performed on the host
and/or by the admin role?


Not recommended. If possible always do this (and other db maintenance) on
the main SalesLogix database. Disable the capability via the SalesLogix Administrator to prevent remotes
from doing this. 


Think of the full sync cycle and what is happening here:

– If you merge on a remote.. the changes have to go back in (and
hopefully within the conflict resolution window timeframe) and interact
w/all other changes coming back in.

  B – If someone else has
touched one (or more of the merged records) you will hit conflict… and
probably lose their changes.

  C – It has to update the main

  D – Changes then sync back out to remotes



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