Cascading Picklist Issue in SalesLogix v7.5.1 Web

Question: I’m using SalesLogix v7.5.1 Web and I’m experiencing issues with cascading picklists on the insert Contact/Account screen.  The different set of Type/Sub type I’ve defined is working everywhere besides the insert Contact/Account screen.  From what I can tell, it is grabbing the subtype list for the previously selected type value.  When the form initially loads the type defaults to “Prospect”.  This isn’t in the type picklist any longer but the subtype list for “Prospect” still exists within the system.  The subtype pops up as “The Picklist Could Not be Found”.  If I choose “Picklist Item1” I receive the same message.  If I choose “Picklist Item2” I receive the subtype list that I had created for Picklist Item1.  If I choose “Picklist Item3” I receive the subtype list that I made for Picklist Item 2, and so on.

The code that is set to the Sub Type Picklist Name is defined in the OnLoad method of the InsertContact smartpart. I made an attempt to create a ChangeAction method for the AccountType picklist defined in that smartpart to kick off the code to set the Subtype list, but wasn’t having much luck.

Have you run into this issue and if so, did you figure out how to resolve it?

Answer: We’ve seen a similar issue with the Prospect default Account type. In order to fix it, try adding a business rule on the OnCreate event (post execute step):

if(account.Type == “Prospect”){
account.Type = null;

The defaulting happens in the OnCreate event provided from Sage, and there is no way to modify it.

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