Checking for Values in SmartParts Before an Opportunity is Created in SalesLogix

Question: On the insert Opportunity form in SalesLogix I’m trying to check that
the products and contacts SmartParts contain values before a new
opportunity is created.  How can I refer to fields on a SmartPart within
a main form in SalesLogix?

Answer:  Instead of checking the values on the SmartParts, check the entity
property values.  If you would like to check if there is a product do
something like this:


IOpportunity opp = (Sage.Entity.Interfaces.IOpportunity)this.BindingSource.Current;

if(opp.Propducts.Count < 1)
//They haven’t added a product, so exit save function: show a message or whatever..

If you don’t want to edit the Save method directly you can wrap these in validation business rules and call them.



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