Crystal Report Button for Current Entity in SalesLogix v7.5.2

Question: I would like to create a button that will create a Crystal Report for
the ‘current entity’ in SalesLogix v7.5.2 Web instead of having to go to
the Reports menu.  Is there already code for this that you could share?

Answer: There is a Reporting API that you may find helpful.  As an example, you
can use this API to add a button to a quickform and JavaScript code in
the OnClientProperty:


Contacts By Lead Source – Sample’);

More example API Usage:

/* Display the ‘Contact:Contacts By Lead Source – Sample’ using the current entity. */
javascript:ShowReportByName(‘Contact:Contacts By Lead Source – Sample’);

/* Display the default report associated with the current entity. */

/* Set the current default Contact report to ‘Contact:Contact Summary – Sample’ and then display it. */

javascript:SetContactReport(‘Contact:Contact Summary – Sample’);ShowDefaultReport();

/* Display the report associated with the ID ‘p6UJ9A0004SD’ (i.e. Contact:Contacts By Account – Sample). */

/* Display the ‘Contact:Contact Address Book – Sample’ report for the Contact John Abbott. */
javascript:ShowReport(‘Contact:Contact Address Book – Sample’, ‘CONTACT’, ‘CGHEA0002670’);



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