Do not enable No Count on Infor CRM (Saleslogix) SQL server

There are reasons someone might want to enable the No Count option on a SQL server.  Do not do this if you are running Infor CRM (Saleslogix) on that SQL server instance, as that option will cause Infor CRM to be unable to write data.  If you have not changed any of the SQL server options, or have no idea where those even are, you are safe, and don’t need to worry about this further.  But, if you are looking at changing SQL server options to boost performance, or are just curious what this SQL thing is I am blogging about, please read further.

In SQL Server Management Studio, you can right click on the SQL instance and choose Properties to modify properties for that entire instance.  On the left, you can select the Connections to modify some attributes of what data is sent by default oven connections to databases on that instance.  One of these connection options is No Count.  Normally, SQL sends a count of how many records were retrieved when it is sending data.  Selecting the No Count option tells it not to include the count when sending the records.  When not using Infor CRM (Saleslogix), it might be desirable to enable this option to improve performance.  There are even Infor products that require this option to be selected.  But not CRM.  Infor CRM is expected the count data to be there.  If you select this option to exclude the count, pretty much any function trying to write data will error out.  So if you need to run both Infor CRM  and a database that requires No Count, you should run them on separate instances.

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