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Required Activity Attributes in the Infor CRM 8.4 Web Client

We recently ran into an issue with a client on 8.4 who was doing a back-end SQL data import into the Activity table. The were unable to see any of the Activities from the main Activity Manager page in the web client. The Activities could be seen under the Activity tabs under the Account, Contact, […]

Finding References to A SQL Object within Views and Procedures

We recently had a customer who wanted to find out if there were any references to another SQL database within the SQL views and procedures that had been developed within their Infor CRM database. There is a way to do this by using the sql_modules. Objects of type Store Procedures, Replication Filter, View, Trigger, Scalar […]

Web Client issues with Milliseconds in Infor CRM 8.2.1

We recently had a client who ran into issues trying to edit some of their activities in the Infor CRM web client. The same activities could be edited in the Windows client successfully. When attempting to edit the record in the web client the system throws an exception with event log stack trace shown below. […]

Creating a Unique Saleslogix table ID in a SQL Function

A couple of months ago Ryan Farley wrote an article about how to use a SQL stored procedure to create a Saleslogix table ID.  One of the things I always struggled with is how to do it outside a stored procedure, so that you could do something like create a View of new data and […]

How to get sizes for tables in a SQL 2008 database

Under the heading of “often needed and never remembered”, I decided to post a quick T-SQl example of how you can retrieve the space used by the various tables in a SQL 2008 database.  Note, in my select query I am limiting to just the top 20 largest tables.  I am also ordering by the […]

SQL to add an incrementing counter in results

One thing I alwys forget how to do is to add a sequential number to a query output in SQL.  Using the rank function you can get this.  A  query such as   select rank() OVER (ORDER BY accountid) as xrank, account, accountid from account Will return the accountid and a sequential number based on […]

How to fix the inability to open/view a SSIS package in BIDS

 I recently ran into an issue with a SQL server installation at a client where I tried to open a SSIS package using the BIDS interface but would receive an error upon the package loading that said: Microsoft visual studio is unable to load this document.  To design Integration Services packages in Business Intelligence Development […]