Error Message Box for Required Missing Field in SalesLogix

Question: I’m working on customizations to the insert Activity form in
SalesLogix.  As it stands, when you save an Activity and there are
required fields that are empty, a red asterisk will display.  Because
the Activity screen is a tabbed interface occasionally when a user
chooses ‘OK’ nothing happens.  This is because there is a required field
that is missing but it’s on another tab, not the currently active tab. 
You can see why this would be a problem. 

I would like to make the error more straightforward with a message
box that will tell the user exactly what required field is missing.  How
should I go about this?
Answer: You will need to add ASP.NET
ValidationSummary components to the page to create a message box for
the missing required fields without adding code.  Take a look at this
post by Ryan Farley for exact details:
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