Error Message When Bring Up Mail Merge Client in SalesLogix v7.5 Web

Question:  I have a SalesLogix v7.5 Web test environment on SQL server 2003/IIS6. 
SP2 and HF1 were applied, as well as upgrade bundles to the
Administrator and Application Architect.  This was an upgrade from v6.2
and I installed legacy components.  I have an issue when bringing up the
Mail Merge client, and I receive this error:

The result for 1 queries was expected, but no data was returned.
There may have been more than 1 HTTP data request active at the same
time. The SQL syntax may also be incorrect.

How can I troubleshoot this issue?

Answer: Check to see if you have Compression turned on.  If so, turn it off as
it is usually the cause of this error message.  Keep in mind that
Compression can be used, but it must be turned off for mail merge.  Take
a look at Step 62 in the Upgrading to SP2 document.  This is done more
simply by disabling Compression for applications within IIS.


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