Error When Attempting to Add HTML Attachement in SalesLogix v7.5.2 Web

Question: We are using SalesLogix v7.5.2 Web and receive this error when attempting to add an HTML attachment to an Opportunity:

An exception occurred executing the dynamic method Attachment InsertFile/Attachment. 

Is this a known issue?

Answer:  It seems as though this could be the following known defect:

Existing Defect ID: 1-72258

Case Number: 4421821

The web
client is not generating ATTACHID on the same base as the LAN client.
As a result it is causing primary key conflicts.

Symptoms on the web client are a message:

An exception occurred executing the dynamic method Attachment.


In the log there will be a message reflecting the primary key conflict.

You can not reproduce the exact symptom on the Eval database, however you can readily identify the issue.

* Attach a file from the Web client

* Attach a file from the LAN client

* The web client attachment gets saved with ATTACHID = QDEMOA000001

* The LAN client attachment gets saved with ATTACHID = QDEMOA000FZA

The reason is the LAN client is using keytype 25, the Web client is using keytype 37.

This also occurs in 7.2.2, 7.5.0, and 7.5.1. The workaround is below:

Workaround: bump the 37 ID way over the 25 ID.

Example: If 25 ID is at ‘A006Y7T’, bump the 37 ID to ‘AA06Y7T’

This defect is fixed with SP3, you may want to consider applying this.



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