Form Not Being Invoked in SalesLogix

Question:  I have a data form named EventDoc_Attachments within the Eventix family in SalesLogix:

Sub ManageAttachments(Sender)
Application.BasicFunctions.DoInvoke “Form”, “Eventix:EventDoc_Attachments”
End Sub

This script is being run in Debug mode using the “stop”
command.  I can see where this execution hits the DoInvoke Call in the
Microsoft Script Debugger, but it continues on and doesn’t see to
execute the call.  I made
the change, saved it,  and released the current calling plugin to
“Everyone”, so I believe that I should be able to see it.  In the
AXFormOpen sub
of the new form I put a “stop” so I could get a indication that it was
being invoked.
The execution doesn’t reach the stop which means the form
is not being invoked. The new form has been saved and released
to “Everyone” as well.  Do you have any idea of where I might have gone
Answer:  Because this is a data form you need to call it using ShowViewForRecord, not DoInvoke.


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