Generating Next Standard ID for a Table in SalesLogix v7.5 Web

Question: I’m trying to setup a select sales process on the Insert Opportunity form
in SalesLogix v7.5 Web and I’ll need to create a Sales Process record. 
How to I generate the next standard ID of a table?

Answer:  You will probably need to make the InsertOpportunity view a
SmartPart.  After doing this, locate the places where the Save code is
invoked, it is here that you will add your code.  Try this:

if (shouldSave)

After saving the Opportunity add your own code. Example:
string opportunityId = _entity.Id.ToString();
string pluginID = ddLSalesProcess.SelectedItem.Value; //Combo box on the Insert screen that I populate with the SP Plugin ID and Name

ISalesProcesses salesProcess = Sage.Platform.EntityFactory.Create();
salesProcess.InitSalesProcess(pluginID, opportunityId);

There may be several places to add the code, as you may have Save, and Save and New buttons.




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